96 EP

Release date: Oct. 21, 2018

The 96 EP is a collaboration between artist Kordoroy Floyd & producer The Stunt Man. Created as a soundtrack to bump in the ride, the songs roll from future to throwback. Many will recognize Kordoroy Floyd as the rapper (now formerly) known as Immerze, already working the music industry from his Vancouver base, back to his birthplace Toronto, southward from Atlanta to LA and he still has a slate of projects on deck. Then there’s The Stunt Man, a Grammy nominated engineer, producer and DJ coming with timeless beats featuring heavy hitting west coast session musicians and his arsenal of samplers. The 96 EP will make you believe the sun hasn’t set on the golden era.

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Listen to the "96 EP"

by Kordoroy Floyd & The Stunt Man

“96 EP” usb + keychain

Limited edition. Contains the "96 EP", Clean Versions, DJ Edits with cue points and high res cover images.

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Sunset On Titan is the scientific yet soulful brainchild of Grammy-nominated engineer Greg Mindorff (aka The Stunt Man), an exciting new division of his industry proven Suite Sound Labs mastering studio. Located in East Vancouver, Sunset On Titan will act as a sonic incubator and skyward reaching record label, working with and seeking out exceptional artists to bring to the next level of recognition and success, from the regional to the national to the global and beyond. In this current digital age of musical exploration, Sunset On Titan is strengthened by both its analog past and mastery of the now. The future is bright as the sun begins to set on Titan.



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