The 96 EP is a collaboration between artist Kordoroy Floyd & producer The Stunt Man. Created as a soundtrack to bump in the ride, the songs roll from future to throwback. Many will recognize Kordoroy Floyd as the rapper (now formerly) known as Immerze, already working the music industry from his Vancouver base, back to his birthplace Toronto, southward from Atlanta to LA and he still has a slate of projects on deck. Then there’s The Stunt Man, a Grammy nominated engineer, producer and DJ coming with timeless beats featuring heavy hitting west coast session musicians and his arsenal of samplers. The 96 EP will make you believe the sun hasn’t set on the golden era.

With Kordoroy Floyd having a fresh handle, he’s leveled up a stage in creative freedom. Never one to be pressured into creating what’s hype at the moment or get stuck in the past, this EP captures the feel good vibes of hip hop’s yesteryear, but with the punch of here and now.

 The Stunt Man, aka Greg Mindorff, is a producer, active DJ and prolific engineer of other people’s music, but now he’s readying the new label Sunset On Titan for more personal control of his many collaborations and creations. In his various studios over the years, he’s worked with Ice T, Nate Dogg, Tom Green, D.O.A., Sweatshop Union, Brevner, Hayleau, LNDN DRGS and so many other Vancouver artists, it’s impossible to mention in this brief write up (but you can find him mastering daily at Suite Sound Labs).

Made as music to drive to, the 96 EP will roll wherever the GPS takes you. If you need to take the next left to your bad job; an ex’s spot; the dispensary; turn up the volume on Kordoroy Floyd.  

Higher res images and audio available upon request.